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Sept. 11 Memorial - Greenwich
September 11TH Memorial/Greenwich
Designed by Charles Hilton Architects

Sept. 11 Memorial - Greenwich

Towers of Light
Inspiration for the new memorial’s design came from several sources. Following the events of the September 11th friends and family members searched desperately to identify those who were lost and to express their feelings of national unity and patriotism in the wake of the tragedy. Memorial walls filled with pictures and the names of loved ones woven between flags, flowers and candles cropped up across NYC. Months later, after the ground zero site was cleared, a powerful and moving ‘Towers of Light’ memorial was set up, marking the spot where the towers once stood. The architects of the Greenwich Memorial sought to capture this powerful and ethereal expression in a permanent form for the new Greenwich Memorial.
The design of the Greenwich September 11th Memorial features two clear glass towers clad with an American flag motif with each strip containing the names of those with ties to Greenwich who lost their lives in the towers. The towers stand 12’ tall, are 20” square, and sit perched on a scenic hillside in the new Cos Cob Park overlooking Greenwich’s historic Indian Harbor. Compass points radiate from the center of the plaza pointing to Washington DC, Manhattan’s World Trade Center Site, and Shanksville PA. The sole victim from Schanksville is memorialized in a separate but adjacent pavement marker. The glass towers sit on stone pavement reminiscent of the World Trade Center plaza which whines down two spiraling hillside paths connecting to the parks perimeter circulating paths. Surrounding the plaza and approaching paths in a wildflower meadow, protective shrub and tree screening, which provide a protective tranquil setting for visitors and focus the view towards the memorial and out to the harbor setting beyond.

It is the designers’ hope that the collective elements of the glass towers which are transparent and visible simultaneously, the patriotic American flag motif, a wall inscribed with the names of the victims, and the baron courtyard, and the diverse wildflower meadow setting on this Greenwich waterfront site will speak to future generations this event of our lifetime.

The Greenwich Community Projects Fund thanks award winning designers, Charles Hilton Architects and Doyle Herman Design for their time and creative contributions to the memorial’s design. Charles Hilton has been practicing in Greenwich for the past 25 years and is well known and respected for his great number of classic residential, retail and institutional projects across the country. Mr. Hilton’s work has been widely published in books and periodicals, recognized by numerous professional architectural juries and been the subject of lectures, and television presentations. Likewise the work of James Doyle and Kathryn Herman is known across the globe for their sensitive and powerful landscape expressions. They are widely published, frequent recipients of landscape architectural awards and featured this year is a new monograph titled The Landscape Design of Doyle Herman Design Associates.